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April 5, 2012
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Don't Go Gently
Character death


Mikey wasn't breathing.

Considering his wounds and the sick angle of his head, I hoped he wouldn't again.

My own body sang with a harmonious blend of anger and pain. The pain tried to keep me flat on the ground, but the anger seeped into my broken bones, forcing me to grasp and pull myself to my feet.

Seconds later, hands grabbed me from behind. Only the warm familiarity kept my sword from curving in a decapitating arc.

"St-Stop. Jus'… Jus' stop, Leo."

"Don?" My voice rasped, as if it were an echo.

"N-No," Raph replied shakily. "He's- gone." His grip tightened to steady me; his fingers dug into one of my wounds, igniting a fresh wave of anguish. Two of us left... soon to be one, if my body spoke the truth.

I forced a defiant growl as Raph eased me against him, sliding back toward the ground. "I won't go gently. Let- Let me-,"

"S'done. S'over, Leo."

Raph had his moments, but when it truly mattered, he never lied to me.  I sagged gratefully into his embrace, using my last reserves to find him in the closing darkness. His eyes were burning suns in a dead face, searing into my mind as my vision faded.

"Leo. Leo. Ya can't go," he said urgently, cradling my head. "Ya can't leave me alone. It- It ain't fair!"

It wasn't fair; I hadn't considered that when I'd twisted and taken the fatal strike meant for him. I hadn't seen Mikey go down before then; I hadn't known that Donnie was lost as well.

I didn't regret our decision. We had saved the entire city; millions of people would dream peacefully tonight, unaware of our sacrifice. We wouldn't be remembered except by a few, who would not dare speak of our honour. If it was our time, it was the best day for it.


It wasn't fair to expect Raph to bury us, to mourn us alone.

"…can't," he sobbed, and clean tears mixed with the blood on my face. "I can't do it. Don't ya fuckin' dare tell me to- to do this by m'self!"

It wasn't fair to any of us.

My hand fell from his arm, and another cry wrenched from him; I reassured him by coughing his name, my fingers scrabbling against the rough pavement before closing over familiar cold steel.

"Then-," I gasped, my tongue too thick for my mouth, "then come with us, brother."

"Th- Thank ya, Leo."

My blade, fine and honed as ever, made barely a whisper against his side, and I could feel him smile with me.
Donít Go Gently
Character death

Don't hurt meh. D:

Momo drew a comic for this story! WOW.

Heavily inspired by: [link]

There is nothing that you can say
To bring me runnin' back.
My mind is reeling, but it's okay,
The storm is pushing back.
Another open mouth to cut me down, let me drown.
I can't remember a better day...
But I'm not comin' back.

Don't go gently into the night,
But keep on fighting as the light dies.
A wise man knows that the dark's bright,
But we'll keep on comin', keep on comin' on.
The sun will tell you that it's alright;
The sun is burning in a dead sky.

I swear, I'm in a fairly good mood.... :O_o:
But this song kinda pounced me today.
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